How does Avanti reduce mobile phone bills?

Avanti is an advanced service automatically accessed from your mobile phone to give you cheaper calls. You simply dial the number you wish to call as you do now and Avanti will automatically connect you.

The built in intelligence of Avanti determines whether the call would be cheaper via Avanti and if so will automatically route it.

Otherwise it remains with your existing mobile service. There is no need to change your mobile network or number, or dial additional digits to access the service.

What kinds of Savings are available?

Avanti can save you money on a variety of different calls but there are three main areas where the service can make significant differences:

Calls to Other mobile networks: These kinds of calls can be very expensive, sometimes as much as ten times more than calls to subscribers on your own network or to land line calls. Avanti offers savings of up to 50% depending upon the network and tariff currently in use.

Example Savings

Network Tariff Other Network Charges Avanti Mobile Charge excluding access cost Saving excluding access cost
O2 Best For Business

O2 250
(out of bundle)

Pay and Go*








T-Mobile Relax 50
(out of bundle)
25p 12.5p 22.5p
Vodafone Anytime 200
(out of bundle)

Company Caller

Pay as you Go






Orange Direct 100
(out of bundle)

Pay as you go





Prices inclusive of VAT.
Avanti mobile costs exclude the cost of access.

International Calls: Calls from the United Kingdom to other countries have fallen in price dramatically in recent years, unless you are making them from a mobile phone, in which case they continue to be expensive even when using International call saver packages provided by the mobile networks. Routing these calls via Avanti gives you greatly reduced International rates not available to you from your mobile provider.

Network Canada Australia Ireland Spain USA
AvantiMobile Charge 5p


5p 5p 5p
O2 with ITS
(Note 1)
17p 30p 14p 17p 17p
Orange with Calling Abroad Minutes
(Note 2)
12p 24p 12p 16p 12p
T-Mobile Pay Monthly with International Option
(Note 3)
10p 30p 15p 20p 10p
T-Mobile Pay as you go
90p £1 70p £1 90p
Vodafone with ICS
(Note 4)
25p 40p 20p 25p 25p

Note 1: Some tariffs require you to pay a monthly charge of 3 to qualify for these rates.

Note 2: Orange requires you to pre-pay up to 25 and use within six months to qualify for these rates. Once minutes are used prices revert to standard rates.

Note 3: Some tariffs require you to pay 2.50 per month to qualify for these rates.

Note 4: Some tariffs require you to pay a monthly charge of 2.50 to qualify for these rates.

All prices inclusive of VAT.
Avanti charges exclude the cost of accessing the Avanti network from your mobile, which will vary according to the tariff you pay.
All prices correct as of 10th September 2005.

Premium Rate Services: Calls to certain premium rate services can be significantly less using Avanti.

How do I get Avanti?

First of all you will require either a compatible Symbian Smartphone, or a handset running Microsoft Windows Pocket PC 2003. If you already have a symbian Smartphone or Pocket PC 20003 handset check this list to see if it is compatible. If not you will need to acquire one of the featured models.
Set up an Avanti account here. This process will register you with our network.

You should then make an initial payment to top up your account (Choose from 10 to 100 in increments of 10) which will give you some initial calling credit.

Once you are registered download the Avanti application programme relevant to your phone and network here.
Install the application into your phone following the instructions here
Start Calling!

Avantimobile is currently only available to users in Great Britain.

Example Rates
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