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Who is AvantiMobile?
AvantiMobile is a company that has developed Least Cost Routing (LCR) application for mobile phones. The vast majority of mobile network operators around the world charge a premium for certain types of call. This can range from making calls abroad through to phoning a someone on as different network.

What is AvantiMobile?
Avantimobile is a service that saves you money on calls made from your mobile phone. It uses "Least Cost Routing", a method of routing calls that has been used in landline telephones for decades. AvantiMobile now offers the same service to mobile phone users.

Avantimobile is a company specialising in mobile phone technologies which our partners can integrate to reduce the cost of their customers calls from mobile phones. Avantimobile’s technologies work across a wide range of mobile phones, covering the majority of devices in business and consumer use today. The company provides a complete service to fit the applications to existing technologies and ensure that the correct version of the application is delivered to the user’s handset.

How Does AvantiMobile work?
The Avantimobile application will work with switch platforms that accept incoming calls from specific CLIs and can accept an onward instruction to route the call. Typical platforms will include call-card platforms which would normally accept DTMF coded verification and onward number forwarding.

The application is, in most cases, transparent in use, meaning that the end-user simply uses the phone in the same way as normal.

To see how this works in practice, click on the link below:


If you are a fixed line reseller looking to make money out of mobile calls please contact us.
Avanti is looking to establish a world wide presence for its solutions, if you believe you can help, please contact us.

Your existing or upgraded phone must be a compatible smartphone in order to take advantage of AvantiMobile's automation features.

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